Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Our professional Dryer Vent Cleaning technicians  will remove any traces of dust and lint buildup inside your dryer and its exhaust vents.

We will perform a thorough inspection of your dryer vents to ensure that they are clean and clear of any obstructions ensuring  that they are not clogged with hair, dust, or other types of particles.

Cleaning your dryer vent can prevent fires

Signs your dryer vent needs to be cleaned

  • A  burning smell coming out of the dryer.
  • Dryer vent hasn’t been cleaned in a year.
  • Clothes take longer than normal to dry.
  • The lint flap isn’t opening.

With our professional dryer vent cleaning service, you can rest assured that we will fix any problems that we find in an efficient and timely manner.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts

Very few home owners don’t realize the great dangers in not cleaning their dryer vents and air ducts on a regular basis. Dryer vents can be a serious threat to the safety of your home.

Over time, the dryer accumulates lint that is piled up inside the dryer vent and blocks the flow of hot air to the dryer vent exhaust and is heated to the point where it ignites, this is a major fire hazard.

Having your dryer vents cleaned by our professional dryer vent technicians in Clermont FL can reduce the risk of fire hazard, shorten your drying time by making your dryer machine work more efficiently, use less power and save your clothing from excessive damage.

Benefits of cleaning your dryer vents

  • Reduces the risk of fire hazard.
  • Saves you money on energy bills.
  • Keeps your dryer and HVAC systems safe.
  • Your dryer machine works more efficiently.

A clean dryer vent is a safe home

The lint and debris that collects in your dryer’s vent can be very flammable, so make sure you schedule regular dryer vent cleaning services to keep your family and your home safe from fires.

We guarantee your dryer vents will be cleaned thoroughly

When you choose our professional dryer vent cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about your dryer hazards. We will inspect your dryer vents regularly, look for any signs of excessive wear or tear and make sure they’re working the way they should be, then take the appropriate steps to repair or replace any damaged areas.

The type of damage that we are looking for varies and may include: loose fittings, worn hinges, worn cables, or any other problem that could result in excess moisture being built up in the dryer vents and clogging them.